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The Amazon Marketplace and eBay have revolutionized the e-commerce market. The easy to use platforms for selling and buying goods are attracting millions from all over the world – individuals seeking to earn money as sellers and others, looking to enjoy the online buying experience. Today, Amazon and eBay are among the largest websites on the Internet with business spanning over billions of dollars per year.

Nearly everyone knows Amazon and eBay and that’s exactly why they’re so attractive and enticing. eBay and Amazon are global platforms with a combined user base of over 150 million people. That’s exactly why “Multi-Channel” selling and buying (emphasis on selling) are good ideas and the place to be in.

Here are the top reasons to sell both on the Amazon Marketplace and eBay and enjoy what they have to offer:

1) Amazon and eBay are still growing rapidly. Amazon is the largest shopping site on the internet attracting 20 million visitors a month followed by eBay with 15 Million.

2) Amazon doesn’t charge a listing fee.

3) eBay is an auction and fixed price website whereas Amazon is a fixed-price only. Amazon sells products directly and allows sellers to offer their goods alongside Amazon’s offerings. eBay does not sell directly –only eBay sellers sell goods on the platform. eBay charges a small listing fee and both sites charge final value fees to sellers.

4) Although eBay and Amazon have many customers that overlap, they also each have their individual user base. Therefore if you want to reach the largest market, you want to sell on both.

5) Amazon has a fulfillment service called FBA – Fulfillment By Amazon. This is where you send your goods for sale to Amazon’s warehouse and they fulfill the orders for you. eBay is in the process of starting a similar service.

6) More people are buying online than ever before – it’s easy, fast and you can choose from millions of items.

One issue related to selling on both sites is the extra workload of creating listings and tracking inventory across both sites. For this you want to look at third-party tools. One of the newest is an application called Export Your Store.

Export Your Store eBay/Amazon software will help you expand your selling footprint. The application exports your eBay store to the Amazon Marketplace automatically. The process is quick and easy, once you set up an Amazon Seller account.

Export Your Store lets you export all of your eBay items, descriptions and key features with minimum effort, making you a “Multi-Channel” seller capable of reaching a wide variety of customers and markets.