Dear Sellers,

“ExportYourStore” are synonymous with quality. The philosophy behind our service is that sellers are busy people and they don’t have time to login and manage multiple platforms.
ExportYourStore was created to let sellers dramatically increase their sellers without additional effort.
If you are an eBay seller expanding to Amazon, you can continue managing your products on eBay: add new items, end items, change inventory quantities, et
Our innovation will keep you ahead in the area . Our customer service is parallel to the level of our technology.
The new version is unmatched in quality and is able to cope with all the challenges faced by a customer.
The NEW “ExportYourStore” service are the most sustainable that we have ever built.
We are the only ones on the market that offer:
* Service that synchronize eBay-Amazon items on real-time.
* Can export all your Amazon Items to eBay with all the Data and fields.
Various sizes have been designed to fit any customer.
We hope you will be satisfied with the changes and enjoy Selling your products on multi-platform with us.

Avner ,
CEO ExportYourStore


Are you new to the e-commerce business?

Do you have an eBay or Online e-commerce store?


ExportYourStore.com can help you start selling on Amazon and other various platforms in no time.

The service will export all of your items to the the desired platform and sync your multiple stores, enabling you to control inventory between various platforms: eBay, Amazon, Amazon WebStore, Online websites, CS Cart, etc.

ExportYourStore can also help you set up an online business and store from scratch.


We have many happy customers that went from 0 items on Amazon to 1,700 items within 1 day and had their first sale within a few hours of the setup.

Feel free to contact us and we’ll help.

You can find answers to different questions on our FAQ page.


E-commerce integration on auto pilot!


*Please note that we support USA, UK and international domains and sites.


ExportYourStore.com was launched in order to help and enable sellers to Kick-start their online commerce business on new venues and platforms such as the Amazon Marketplace.

If you’re an eBay seller, ExportYourStore.com will help you expand your business instantly and with minimum effort.

With our service you don’t need to manage complex backends and control panels, let us do all the hard work, while you’re on auto pilot enjoying increasing sales and great visibility, being a multi-channel seller.

Kick-starting your e-commerce business with ExportYourStore.com is the easiest way to expand your selling span and increase your sales, instantly.

Contact us for details,

The ExportYourStore Team




It is well known among sellers that selling on multi-channels can dramatically increase sales.

A seller selling on eBay can easily boost sales by 80%-120% just by putting his inventory for sale on Amazon.

Surprisingly, the vast majority of online sellers (95%) continue to sell on one platform alone.

There are a few reasons for this unfulfilled potential, however the main reason is the effort needed to sell on an additional marketplace.

Different platforms were not designed to work together – listing an item on eBay is completely different than doing so on Amazon.

We established ExportYourStore in order to help sellers sell on additional marketplaces while investing minimum effort (if at all).

ExportYourStore offers three main services:

1) Export of current items

2) Inventory Synchronization

3) Auto export of every new item you list



Our goal is simple: Enable you to continue managing your items on your favorite platform while we take care of the rest.


More sales , with minimum extra effort!



Nice article about “Amazon vs. eBay: A Shopper’s Perspective” from “The Street”.com.



A recent article describing our services was featured on TameBay.

We’d like to thank Chris Dawson and his team for the exposure.

With ExportYourStore you can go from selling on one platform (eBay, Amazon, Online site) to selling on multiple sites within 2-3 days (while we do all the hard work).

Easy set up, integration, inventory sync, auto listing/exporting – that’s the name of theMulti-channel e-commerce game.

Tamebay article


Hi there,
This is a nice article that may interest you: “Getting Started Selling on Amazon”.
One of the emerging frontiers for consumers!.

Getting Started Selling on Amazon



This page will elaborate on the “Magento Go” platform.
We will introduce the different developments in this area and why this platform is so compelling.

First of all, we love Magento Go. It’s used by millions of users worldwide and has a large installed base (well known companies use this service and infrastructure).

Secondly, Magento has great functionality, providing sellers and buyers an outstanding experience.

Rational: Buyers are able to purchase different items directly from Magento websites in an easy manner. In addition, to make the shopping experience better, Magento extensions available via MagentoConnect are offered (similar to the eBay apps we develop).

More coming soon…


“Export Your Store” is delighted to have been interviewed by Trevor Ginn in his e-commerce blog. As well as being a blogger, Trevor runs the online nursery shop “Hello Baby” and is a consultant atVendlab.com.


Our service was reviewed on Skip McGrath’s website.
We want to thank him for the great exposure.

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The article itself:

The Amazon Marketplace and eBay have revolutionized the e-commerce market. The easy to use platforms for selling and buying goods are attracting millions from all over the world – individuals seeking to earn money as sellers and others, looking to enjoy the online buying experience. Today, Amazon and eBay are among the largest websites on the Internet with business spanning over billions of dollars per year.

Nearly everyone knows Amazon and eBay and that’s exactly why they’re so attractive and enticing. eBay and Amazon are global platforms with a combined user base of over 150 million people. That’s exactly why “Multi-Channel” selling and buying (emphasis on selling) are good ideas and the place to be in.

Here are the top reasons to sell both on the Amazon Marketplace and eBay and enjoy what they have to offer:

1) Amazon and eBay are still growing rapidly. Amazon is the largest shopping site on the internet attracting 20 million visitors a month followed by eBay with 15 Million.

2) Amazon doesn’t charge a listing fee.

3) eBay is an auction and fixed price website whereas Amazon is a fixed-price only. Amazon sells products directly and allows sellers to offer their goods alongside Amazon’s offerings. eBay does not sell directly –only eBay sellers sell goods on the platform. eBay charges a small listing fee and both sites charge final value fees to sellers.

4) Although eBay and Amazon have many customers that overlap, they also each have their individual user base. Therefore if you want to reach the largest market, you want to sell on both.

5) Amazon has a fulfillment service called FBA – Fulfillment By Amazon. This is where you send your goods for sale to Amazon’s warehouse and they fulfill the orders for you. eBay is in the process of starting a similar service.

6) More people are buying online than ever before – it’s easy, fast and you can choose from millions of items.

One issue related to selling on both sites is the extra workload of creating listings and tracking inventory across both sites. For this you want to look at third-party tools. One of the newest is an application called Export Your Store.

Export Your Store eBay/Amazon software will help you expand your selling footprint. The application exports your eBay store to the Amazon Marketplace automatically. The process is quick and easy, once you set up an Amazon Seller account.

Export Your Store lets you export all of your eBay items, descriptions and key features with minimum effort, making you a “Multi-Channel” seller capable of reaching a wide variety of customers and markets.